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Capacity Building Training

Empower youth, especially women, in the energy sector and enhance their skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities.

Technical Assistance On Energy Policy and Programme Formulation

Assisting in the development of strategic frameworks that promote clean energy uptake, promote government policy and inclusivity within the energy sector

Gender Mainstreaming

Working to integrate gender perspectives and considerations into policies, programs, and practices to promote equality and empower women in the industry

Advocacy and Outreach

We advocate for clean cooking, clean energy and diversity in the energy sector through partnerships, campaigns, and awareness efforts, striving for affordable and sustainable energy for all

Better Energy
for Better Future

Through our Smart Green Stove, Briquette, and Services, Women in Energy Sierra Leone Limited creates a better energy future by promoting clean cooking, sustainable fuel alternatives, efficient and reliable energy generation for a greener, more sustainable world. We will continue to promote

Product and Service Benefits

Environmental Impact

  1. Reduced deforestation through sustainable fuel alternatives.
  2. Decreased carbon emissions and improved air quality.
  3. Conservation of natural resources and waste reduction.
  4. Environmental education and awareness promotion

The Smart Green Stove, Smart Green Briquette, and Smart Green Services offered by Women in Energy Sierra Leone Limited create significant environmental benefits, including reduced deforestation, lower carbon emissions, conservation of resources, waste reduction, and increased environmental awareness.

Social Impact

  1. Improved working conditions and health status of the cooks by reducing indoor air pollution and associated respiratory illness caused by smoke, intense heat
  2. Reduced cooking time because of more efficient stoves means more time available for other useful activities.
  3. Increased environment awareness and cost saving by users of our improve cookstoves, clean fuel and energy use
  4. Reduced cooking time because of more efficient stoves means more time available for other useful activities.
  5. Acquisition of new skills and knowledge through capacity building and awareness creation

Women in Energy Sierra Leone Limited's initiatives, such as the Smart Green Stove, Smart Green Briquette, and Smart Green Services, generate significant social benefits, including improved health, cost saving, save time, environmental awareness, capacity building and awareness raising.

Economic Impact

  1. These initiatives support local economies and create employment opportunities in the production, distribution, and maintenance of the sustainable solutions.
  2. The promotion of sustainable energy solutions, diversifies the energy sector by reducing reliance on traditional fuels, fostering innovation, and attracting investments in renewable and clean energy technologies.
  3. The efficient solutions enable time savings, allowing individuals to pursue income-generating activities, boosting productivity and economic growth.
  4. Renewable energy system installations provide long-term cost savings and energy independence.
  5. Maitigate environmental harm and associated costs like air pollution and climate change.

Women in Energy Sierra Leone Limited's initiatives brings about significant economic benefits, including cost savings, job creation, income generation, economic diversification, productivity enhancement, savings on energy bills and energy independence.