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Smart Green Stove – Double Burner Stove


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Description: The Smart Green Stove Double Burner is manufactured with a recycled metal sheet exterior and enclosed with a ceramic insulator with a top steel pot stand that allows the pot to contact the surface of the combustion chamber more easily. Designed with a sliding door that lets in air from the bottom and allows convenient biomass waste control through the ashtray,. It is portable, comfortable, and convenient, with durability in mind. This stove is elevated and has a lid that protects the stoves while not in use, and the outer frame is made of thick metal bars with a clay interior.

Benefit: Smart Green Stove reduces greenhouse emissions, retains heat, and allows an easy flow of air within the stove to produce faster cooking procedures, reduces health risks, is eco-friendly and sustainable, and saves time and energy. It saves up to 60% of charcoal and comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. It is suitable to cook for up to 35–50 people.

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